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Personal Healing & Self Care is essential.

Choose from a variety of personal healing options or design a package that’s right for you. When you book your session onsite, enjoy our onsite amenities, including infrared sauna and oceanside hot tub.

Spa services include: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Conscious Connected Breath Sessions, doTERRA facials and body scrubs.

For those at a distance, phone sessions:
Distant Healings Sessions; Akashic Record Readings; Life Coaching

Gift certificates are also available.


Rest, relax and rejuvenate, Sunshine Coast style! 

Our Beachfront Accommodations are ideal for holistic retreats, group celebrations, holiday getaways for the family, &/or a girls spa vacation. The possibilities are endless!

Equipped with 2 main units for groups of up to 16 ppl, an 800sq ft yurt overlooking the Ocean, perfect for gatherings.

With 15 years experience in facilitating guest experiences and hosting people from around the world, we look forward to having you stay with us!



Alignment is key.
Everything is relationship.
Align your relationships, align your life!

This simple, self-reflective system and practice helps create personal alignment, specific to you and your relationships.

Designed to bring its user into Right Relationship with themselves and all their Relations, it is a Universal language that practically and efficiently re-establishes living with Intention, Connection, Awareness and Purpose.

Receive your free 21 page booklet, including diagrams and supportive resources…



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did you know that doTERRA’s #1 product is not an Essential oil!?

That’s right, as a Holistic Nutritionist, I was delighted to discover the number one product is not an essential oil… its their dietary supplements.
Not only that, doTERRA has probiotics, digestive enzymes, and immune boosting soft gels that I have come to swear by!

I use doTERRAs products in our Spa, including the body scrub, skin care collection. and deep blue rub. The oils are always going in my diffuser and having the option to pick the oil for the current need just makes sense.

After much research and consideration, the reason I chose to align with this company is because doTERRA is paving the way to create proper regulation in this field by testing each batch for its purity, and sourcing sustainably by working with local farmers to grow plants native to their area. doTERRA helps create sustainable infrastructure and necessary education, resources and support to local communities and are bridging the gap between alternative and mainstream medicine.

doTERRA has teams of Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, and variety of health care professionals working to formulate the best products possible, and are currently integrating their use in various hospitals, while people around the globe have been using their products for years, personally and professionally.

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