Jennifer Field

About Jenn


I walk between two worlds and appreciate the polarity as the balance of unity.

With a rich and extensive background in both mainstream and holistic healthcare, I offer a whole person perspective and unique approach to the services and facilitation that I provide.

My intent is to allow for the miraculous,
using divine inspiration to draw upon the practical tools that are most needed at any given moment, adapting them to meet the person, group or situation being served.

The use of radical intuition, extensive varied experience, and a passion for being of service is a natural formula to assist others in unlocking the keys to embody their Divine Presence and Souls Purpose by overcoming personal challenge or trauma and finding deep inner peace.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner/Teacher
Reiki Master
Trained Holistic Rebirther and Breathwave Facilitator
Certified Akashic Records Consultant

Formally trained as a Social Service Worker, with additional training in Conflict Resolution and Hospice Support,  
I offered 16 years of direct service with true joy.

 My focus was supporting people with developmental disabilities in residential, recreation and career/life skills development.
as well as assisting elders in care at home, and those living in long-term, psycho-geriatric care facilities.

I had the great honour to assist in direct care during life, supporting souls in preparation for their death.
With strong childhood gifts of extrasensory perception and 20 years of Shamanic training, I still work directly with souls
who have crossed over, as well as their loved ones, helping them to find peace.

 A previous instructor at The Canadian School for Natural Nutrition, and Founder of the Student Clinic that continues to run at CSNN, 
I taught various courses including: Body, Mind & Spirit; Symptomatology I & II; Nutrition and Mental Health; Comparative Diets; etc.

Trained as a Reiki Master in Australia, I volunteered for many years in free clinics, circles, shamanic trainings, and various retreats to deepen my training and experience before stepping out to teach.  I have since taught in various parts of Canada, Australia, Guatemala and India.

This has all been foundation
 Holistic Rebirthing and Breathwave Technique, extensive personal training Vipassana Meditation, Ashtanga & Yin Yoga, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage training have continually pointed me back to the flow of the breath.
 The breath is my childhood fascination and continued teacher of Life and Truth... 
it is the pathway of the BREATH that I walk in humble gratitude.

The Source of the Breath is the wave that I surf, it is the very core of my spirit and the guide that I follow and trust. 
Breath is the key that helps us unlock the magic of life and beyond!

 I enjoy serving the Breath is all beings, offering my gifts and service through my private practice, group offerings and transformational retreats. 
It inspires me through offerings of new moon circles and continued personal creativity and development via art, poetry, dance and nature.

Currently living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada with my husband and two sons, I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to share my work from home, and in various locations, including Whistler and Vancouver.

I love to practically apply profound inspiration, and radical intuitive compassion, for the sake of all beings.