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“In the presence of the breath, our true nature lives”

Equipped with personal experience in self healing that has taken me around the globe, and a rich and extensive background spanning over 20 years in both mainstream and holistic healthcare, I am here now, offering an integrated perspective and unique approach through the services and facilitation that I offer.

Whether it is in a personal or distant session, in a group experience or in-depth training, one can be assured of a safe, confidential container, filled with inquiry, and compassionate depth.

Going beneath the surface with ease and grace, I work with you to gather clarity and understanding. Perspective is everything.

My goal is to witness and empower you, as you are. I always aim to equip you with love, and practical tools that can be used day to day. to serve you at every level - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I also love working with other facilitators, teachers and other transformation specialists! I am always inspired when I can collaborate and support other important work, by brining in my gifts to serve and uplift.

It is an honour and joy to be of service to aloha, the Presence of Love. I am so grateful for the various locations, and the countless people that arise and open to miracles.

Visit me on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada! Along with my husband and team, we run a popular Beachfront Retreat & Spa known for transformation. Personalized packages and services are available.


Conscious connected Breath Instructor

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Kumu (Teacher)

REgistered Holistic Nutritionist

Reiki Master

Certified Akashic Records Consultant

beachfront retreat & spa owner



“Receiving a Lomi Lomi from Jenn Field was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. She is a trained professional in a myriad of modalities, the wisdom of which she draws upon and integrates in her own unique method. ....a “transformational shamanic journey - her session felt like a portal of grace.

— Adil Kassam, Co-Founder/Executive Director - Unify

“Jenn is truly a profound healer! For years, I engaged with various forms of energy work but remained unconvinced that I was seeing truly significant benefits. However, since my very first session with Jenn, I’ve experienced deep, lasting changes in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I’ve noticed improvements in my sleeping pattern, quality of breath and overall awareness. The chatter in my mind subsides and my mental clarity is significantly heightened. Remarkably, these effects haven’t just lasted a few hours, but have gradually stayed with me. Having worked with Jenn for years now, I feel deep, positive, lasting shifts in my emotional, mental and physical bodies. I am clearer, happier and healthier. She is truly tapped into incredible healing gifts on many levels.

Several incredible qualities set Jenn apart from the rest: she’s extremely intuitive and works only from a place of FULL presence, groundedness and in complete integrity with her clients; she empowers clients to become their own healers; she has studied many different healing modalities and draws from the wisdom of many ancient lineages, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the client. As we open each session, she carefully takes the time to discern my needs, and as such, every treatment I’ve had has been completely different, comprising exactly the medicine I’ve needed at the time. 

I never hesitate to refer my loved ones to Jenn for all manner of healing and I’ve never heard anything but absolutely rave reviews in return.”

— Dr Mary Pines, PhD Molecular Cell Biology/Genetics, Artist

“My experience with Jenn has been so divinely nourishing and profound! I am very particular with who I work with, and Jenn is one of the most integral people that I have received sessions from.

From her nutritional wisdom, Lomi massages to her Shamanic distant healings, Jenn’s ability to take my soul on a journey deep within unweaving pockets of hidden gems has allowed me to integrate who I really am into my physical being.  

I am such a natural giver with what I do, and Jenn has constantly reminded me to give back to myself through self care. I am so thankful and appreciate of who you are Jenn. The gift that you share is miraculous.”

— Baljit Rayat, Akashic Record Consultant & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Creative Visionary

“I will start out by saying that i am a sensitive being. I honour my body, and let very, very few people work with me in the realm of healing, because I understand the mind, body, spirit connection.

Jenn is one of the few exceptions. What she does is not just massage; she tunes into the core essence of each individual, and through the sacred connection of heart and breath, moves energy that is stagnant in the body to allow for deep openings and expansions.

There are two times in my life that I have had a big crises or something unfold and Jenn was right there to support me in moving this energy through my body so it didn’t get locked into my muscles and memory, resulting in future dis-ease..

There are many who can massage your body, many who can relieve sore muscles and this is nice.. Jenn can do this, but come to her if you are ready for a transformation. For a true healing to take place, it will also depend on how open YOU are to truly receive the gifts of an embodied goddess...

If you have somehow come across her offering, it not an accident. It is a gift. I suggest you receive that gift with fullness and allow it to fill you and nourish you...for it truly is Divine”

— Raamayan Ananda, Founder & CEO Ayana Water

“Jenn is a gifted practitioner in the ancient form of Lomi Lomi Massage. I seek her out, especially in the times of intense life demands. Each session is different, as she senses into my body, mind and spirit at that moment.  
What each session has in common is the flowing strokes, the deep gentleness, the complete attention to my whole self. Her work is transformative I believe...
There is a loving quality to Jenn’s work and a personal gentle power of healing that brings the wisdom of the ancients into the room, into her hands, to guide, assist and support her clients in profound rest.
Lomi Lomi is wonderful form of massage and Jenn is a gifted and gracious practitioner of this loving art.”

— Deanne Mineau, Cedarview BnB, Tarot & Rune Reader

“I have found Jenn’s sessions a positive experience in every way.
From her intuitive talent in finding the spots on my body that need attention to the atmosphere of kindness, safety and professionalism she brings to the table, I would certainly recommend her.
Jenn’s talent is not one of just great learned techniques but one which encompasses a holistic appreciation and treatment for the client she is presented with.”

— Margaret Thomas, Local Resident of Halfmoon Bay

"Jennifer has a unique gift in that she brings her personal mastery to all that she does.
With her grounded connection and clairvoyant wisdom, she literally is a force of nature."

- Morgan Warrington, Martial Arts Instructor

“This winter I was really ill with a cough that turned into bronchitis. After 3 weeks of doing everything I could to recover but still not able to get out of bed, I experienced a distant healing session from Jenn Field. A tremendous warmth came over me during the experience and I fell into a deep sleep. The next day I felt well enough to get up and work in the studio all day with a client. Im still not sure exactly what Jenn did but I know it transcended space and time and elicited my body’s own healing.”

— Julie Blue - Singer, Composer, Transformational Voice Coach

This new pregnancy that I am now almost half way through has been very similar. I have had severe black outs, fainting, dizziness and bleeding with a massive fear of losing my little one. I have had third, fourth and fifth opinions from various specialists. Once again in and out of hospitals with no answers.

I reached out for help from my dear soul sister Jenn. She offered a distant healing session where we would briefly talk over the phone then hang up and she would connect with my akashic records, helping my body and spirit with the healing it so desperately needed. I lay on my bed for about 45 minutes quiet and still…

Jenn called when our session was almost done and shared with me pieces of past lives that have interwoven with this life. Pieces to the puzzle that held my body and spirit hostage to fear. Pieces that I have been searching for within western medicine, but could not find. She shared the physical sickness of my current home environment and space which she had never stepped foot in. She shared the immediate needs of my body and my baby with suggestions on how to gently aid those needs.

This is the first response from a healer that made absolute full and perfect sense. Every word filled my mind and soul with relief and understanding. I am finally able to properly shift the energies of my spirit, life and home. I immediately felt the physical relief of the healing that took place, I have been back on my feet with a clear heart and mind. I have found my motivation again and love for my beautiful, strong body. I have faith that I will carry this baby full term and that he will be happy and healthy. I have energy that I have not had in 4 and a half months.

My hands go up to you Jenn for all that you are and offer this world. I am still searching for the right words to fully describe what my first session has done for me as I continue integrating with immense relief and gratitude. Very much looking forward to the next one.

Hay'ch'qa / Kukstemc Sister
Ecko Aleck - Music Producer, Artist, Mother

“I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple massages from Jenn. It is clear from Jenn’s massages that she is a masterful healer and body worker. Her level of understanding goes well beyond muscle anatomy and pressure points. She combines deep intuition and centered breathing with a tremendous ability to discern and engage with those parts requiring the most attention. Blessed are those who come under her care. This is her calling.”

— Dr. Lee Beavington - Biologist, Author, SSHRC Scholar